Our standards

What makes us different and makes our offer very attractive to Buyers?


We do not enter into a traditional reservation agreement. A Free of charge reservation can be made for the period of up to 21 days on the electronic system SOI MetkaSoft.

  1. Preliminary agreements are made only in the form of notary acts.
  2. Developer agreements are only made in the case of unfinished investments.
  3. On our website www.zielona-polana.pl we publish drafts of preliminary and developer agreements and those transferring ownership including all attachments. We also publish all documents required for a mortgage application.
  4. Zielona Polana APUS PLC LP Company - the developer is the owner of all sold apartments and land, so buy your property with appurtenances.
  5. Both our plots of land and apartments are free from encumbrances and rights of third parities.
  6. The Developer’s financial status has not been questioned by banks nor governmental offices. We do not have any outstanding obligations and we settle our accounts regularly.
  7. The development - Golden Glades Estate is financed from the developer’s and partners own financial resources.
  8. We guarantee clear conditions when purchasing apartments.
  9. We guarantee professional customer service.
  10. We conduct individual negotiations regarding the full scope of agreements with every Buyer.
  11. We offer discounts, including those covering notary fees.
  12. We provide maximum transaction security for purchasing our apartments.
  13. We have a good reputation with banks and financial advisors.
  14. We provide professional property management.
  15. We take good care of common shared property.
  16. We support the Housing Associations in all matters concerning common shared property management.
  17. We keep all our promises and declarations. We do not avoid contact in any situation. We are available almost 24 hours per day.


The cycle for constructing buildings is only conditioned by technical considerations. It lasts on average from 12 to 15 months.

  1. We completed the construction of building B in December 2009, and building A in December 2011. Apartments in these buildings are ready for technical acceptance.
  2. We have planned commencement of construction of building D for March 2013, and to finish in the spring of 2014.
  3. We received an Occupancy Permit for building A in January 2012, and building B in February 2010. Both buildings have final Occupancy Permits and all apartments have Certificates of Premise Separation.
  4. Transfer of ownership agreements are concluded regularly.
  5. During the construction work we did not employ any unreliable contractor. We chose contractors by means of professionally organised tenders with only the best having a chance to work with us at the Green Glades Estate.


On the Green Glades Estate we have opened a SALES OFFICE where we provide all the necessary advice and enable visits to the Green Glades Estate.

  1. We have prepared an Internet service www.zielona-polana.pl for our Clients. We provide information about the progress of work; publish current data and documents concerning the Green Glades Estate, the developer, companies working on the estate, and documents necessary for the mortgage application process. Everybody can set up an account, download all the necessary documentation, find out about the progress of work, or establish contact with us.
  2. During the construction work, depending on the advancement of work, anybody can design their own apartment. We listen and offer advice willingly.
  3. We offer help in finishing work by recommending renowned contractors.
  4. We created the possibility for independent mortgage applications by our Clients.
  5. We also cooperate with several estate agents.
  6. We advise Buyers viewing the apartments and buildings before making the decision to buy. We provide answers to all questions concerning apartments for sale.


 The standard of finish of buildings and apartments constitutes an attachment to an agreement and is extremely precise.

  1. We only use materials holding a seal of approval, from renowned brands and top tested quality.
  2. All technical installations of the buildings constitute common shared property including the boiler room, building alarm installations, telecom installations, cable TV installations and the like. Such solutions significantly enable the residents to make decisions concerning building services.
  3. All balconies, terraces and garden are finished on turnkey basis. The right to the exclusive use by Buyers of the apartment to which they directly belong.
  4. All buildings are equipped with passenger lifts in all staircases. The lifts also service the garage level.
  5. All buildings are equipped with cable and satellite TV installations, video monitoring system of the area, garages and entrances (infrared cameras) with the view from some apartments’ cameras.
  6. All buildings have been equipped with the MASTERKEY key system.
  7. Staircases are designed and built in such a way as to be comfortable, functional and durable. The floors are laid with top quality granite-milled rock tiles, the walls are painted with washable paints, bannisters are made of stainless steel, and lighting completes the décor of staircases and corridors. Wooden frames of apartment and lift doors go perfectly well with the rest of decorations.
  8. We have designed a unique light management system for garages and staircases. Fully automatic control which provides both comfort and savings.
  9. We only use electricity saving lights in garages and on staircases.
  10. In boiler rooms we have installed gas detection systems that controls gas cut off valves.
  11. The area of the Green Glades Estate has been tidied up and developed; roads, pavements and car parks are finished, green areas are arranged according to a professional design. A professional company takes care of the green areas.
  12. Our buildings have underground garages finished on a turnkey basis. Heated ramps leading to the garages.
  13. Safety of people in garages sees the provision of CO and LPG detection systems that also controls the garage ventilation.
  14. In the guards’ room there is a guard’s switchboard with  a digital entry videophone system by bpt.
  15. All apartments in building no. 20 and some from building no. 24 have appurtenant storage rooms.
  16. There are utility and sanitary rooms in all our buildings for the administrator, security guards, cleaners, administration staff and Property Manager.
  17. Rainwater from the roofs is channelled to the rainwater sewage system by heated roof inlets.
  18. Outside of the buildings, besides pavements, we have arranged parking places for visitors and residents.
  19. Internal roads are wide and convenient (6m access roads and 5.5m garage ramps).
  20. The area is lit with street lamps and external lights at the entrances to the buildings.
  21. Buildings have their own illumination - decorative lighting on the facades.
  22. We have arranged children playgrounds and places for adults to rest (garden benches). Other playgrounds will be built in the areas of newly constructed buildings.
  23. Residents’ gardens are separated from the common areas by wooden fences.
  24. We have built an installation of irretrievably used water - intake for manual watering of the greenery outside the building and an administration intake in the garage.
  25. Green areas sensitive to water shortages have been fitted with automatic sprinkler systems.
  26. The Green Glades Estate has a professional porter’s lodge that also plays the role of BMS room.


  • Apartment load bearing walls are soundproof. Penetration of unwanted sounds from apartment to apartment and from staircases to apartments is significantly reduced.
  1. Apartment dividing walls have been constructed from ceramic bricks in building B (no. 20) and from H+H blocks in building A (no. 24).
  2. After applying gypsum-calcareous plaster in all rooms, apart from “wet” rooms, all walls and ceilings have been smoothed down, primed and painted white.
  3. The apartments are 2.65m high for building B and about 2.57m for building A.
  4. Front doors to the apartments are slightly higher than standard (220cm), fire doors (Ei30), anti-breaking C class with patent pads.
  5. In all apartments electric fuse boxes; telecom and alarm systems are installed under plaster. They are located “behind” the front door in specifically prepared cavities.
  6. All installations are fitted under the floor on the room outline and/or in wall and ceiling grooves. As a result they are easily accessible, modifiable and the walls after painting do not “show” cables.
  7. Apartments on offer are equipped with complete electrical and telecom installations with top class fittings. We do not fit light fittings.
  8. Access to the Internet (by cable) is available from every apartment (charges depending on the option chosen from 30 to 75 pln per month).
  9. Each apartment is fitted with cables and alarm panel.
  10. Each apartment is fitted with doorbell installation.
  11. Each apartment is fitted with video entry phone with a uniphone. There is also the possibility of installing video entry phone.
  12. In each apartment there is a complete central heating installation. The radiators are fitted with valve bulbs.
  13. Each resident has access to valves that cut off water installation to his/her apartment. Valves are located in separate rooms or closed cavities.
  14. All utilities (hot and cold water and heating) are individually metered. Residents can control their usage of utilities.
  15. The way of finishing the electrical and alarm installations in the apartments creates an opportunity their extension and intelligent apartment management.
  16. We have secured the possibility of connecting apartment alarm installations to a local monitoring system.
  17. External terrace and balcony balustrades have been made from stainless steel, according to an individual design.
  18. In our apartments we have secured the possibility of changing separate kitchens into a kitchen annexe. To do so we have designed and built a mechanical ventilation system.
  19. There is a possibility to connect an extractor fan in each kitchen to ventilation channels.


 The Green Glade Estate is located:

approx.  1 km form UJ campus,

approx. 1.2 km from the A4 ring road,

approx. 300m from the new bus and tram terminus in Ruczaj,

approx. 300m from supermarkets,

approx. 100m from a bus stop,

approx. 6 km from Balice Airport,

approx. 250m from a pharmacy.

  1. The Green Glades Estate neighbours:

to the east - K. Bunscha Street,

to the south - green areas,

to the north and west - green areas, residential developments.

  1. Entry to the Green Glades Estate, internal roads and car parks are clearly sign posted.


  1. The area of the Green Glades Estate is fenced off on all sides.
  2. There is a gate at the entrance to the estate which is automatically controlled.
  3. All entrances and exits to the area of the Green Glades Estate are subject to access control.
  4. All entrance doors to the staircases from the outside and from garages are subject to access control and are monitored.
  5. Each building is fitted with a burglary system. Technical rooms, chutes, distribution boards, staircases, entrances, gates and many more elements of common infrastructure are secured and monitored.
  6. The building has been equipped with a video monitoring system with recording of events and visual previews from some cable network TV cameras.
  7. The area of the Green Glades Estate and the buildings are covered with 24-hour physical security. The estate is covered by external monitoring.
  8. The plan of the Green Glades Estate specifies the details in the area of security and safety of its residents. Specialists take care of the security of the estate.



  1. In the buildings on the Green Glades Estate the ventilation covers not only apartments and garages, but also staircases, lift shafts, installation chutes, vestibules, storage areas, technical and auxiliary rooms.
  2. We have installed a very modern system for the right operation and quality of mechanical ventilation in the apartments, based on threshold measurements of under-pressure in vertical risers and automatically controls ventilators.
  3. Buildings have been equipped with new generation gas boiler rooms with fully automated weather thermostats taking into account external weather conditions.
  4. All important operational parameters of the CO and LPG detection systems in garages, garage ventilation, apartment ventilation, boiler rooms, location of the garage gates are sent to the porter’s lodge on the Green Glades Estate. It allows for remote detection of breakdowns immediately after their occurrence.
  5. There are central control and security monitoring units in buildings on the Green Glades Estate.
  6. Additional control panel for the entry gate and garage doors has been installed at the porter’s lodge. There is a possibility of remotely controlling opening of the gates.
  7. For security reasons we have built heated garage ramps. The controlled automatic system optimises all related costs.
  8. We have used four-channel remote controls for gates’ entry. In this way, one remote control can service all gates that the resident is entitled to. The administrator programs the remote control.

  1. All of this would not be possible if it were not for the people, their professionalism and their know-how. We work with the best in their fields.
  2. The Developer is represented by: the Project Manager, Site Manager, Resident Engineer, Technical Consultants and Advisors, Designers, Architect’s Project Supervisor. We do not leave anything without supervision that could be important to the residents of the Green Glades Estate.
  3. The residents of the Green Glades Estate are known for their hospitality, kindness, reliability and honesty. They also give an example how to take care of common shared property. At the same time, they are demanding and consistent.


All these make our Green Glades Estate a unique place for the modern times.